The idea of bringing out the EXCELLENT brand originated from the passion for creating and fascination with beautiful items and most of all from the love to dogs.

The EXCELLENT products are original and luxurious. What distinguish us is a possibility of personalization of every item. We gave you the opportunity of choosing your own colour scheme, the texture of the material and above all your favorite breed which will be appliquéd on the chosen item.

We wish that the final result will embellish a bag, shoes or other accessories in a unique way.

Thanks to EXCELLENT each of you can feel uniquely and by individualized selection can externalize his or her style, character, the love for fashion and above all the love to dogs.

HAND MADE is our identification. All of our products are hand made from the top class materials with an extreme care for the details. This approach guarantee an elegant look and an unique character.


Collaboration with designers:

Collaboration with designers