I General provisions

  1. This statue defines the rules of placing orders and selling goods by an online shop www.e-excellent.eu

The owner of www.e-excellent.eu shop is brand EXCELLENT (nr de SIRET: 805 327 616 000 19) headquartered in France


  • Name of the bank: Credit Agricole
  • Account number: 76 1440 6001 2490 0034 4498 731
  • IBAN: FR76 1440 6001 2490 0034 4498 731


II The products presentation

  1. www.e-excellent.eu shop makes every effort to be as accurate as possible in the products descriptions, specifications and photographs.
  2. However, these may change due to the modification and update of information on the site, especially specification of the products which are available in shop. 
  3. The price of each product is binding at the moment of indent. All prices can be changed without notice. New products can be introduced, promotional offers conducted, changed and terminated on the website.
  4. All text information and photographs on the www.e-excellent.eu site remain the property of the seller, and are protected by copyright laws and treaties. Any copying and diffusing, using for commercial purposes or exposition on other websites without consent of the seller is forbidden.

III Customers signing in

  1. Placing an order is possible only after signing in by filling the form which is available on the shop site. 
  2. Every natural person (over thirteen years old or with parents permission)and business entitles can sign in in the shop. 
  3. During the registration correct and true personal details must be given, otherwise the order may be not accepted.
  4. Customer personal details are collect only for self-serving purposes and are processed for the realization of statutory business activity of the firm, providing special offers and advertising with maintaining the requirements of protection of personal data in line with the directive of the European Parliament 95/46/WE about the protection of personal data.

IV The ordering procedure

  1. Orders can be placed only online via www.e-excellent.eu site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Orders are processed during the business day from Monday to Friday. Orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be processed at the following business day. 
  3. After placing the order, an acknowledgement e-mail will be sent confirming receipt of your order , it will also contain the confirmation enquiry.
  4. The realization of the order begins after the acceptance of the confirmation .
  5. The confirmation is synonymous with making a trade arrangement with www.e-excellent.eu

V Order processing

  1. Order will be processed once payment is validated. If the remittance will not be posted the order will be cancelled.
  2. The order processing will be held within 21 days from the date of the payment validation. In case when the products are ready to be bought the lead time is specified on the website.
  3. The seller reserves the right to refuse to fulfill the order in cases when the personal details of the client raise doubts about their authenticity.
  4. In case when particular circumstances occur and the realization of the order is precluded, our shop stipulates the right to suspend the order and commits itself to immediately inform the customer about the current situation. 
  5. By placing the order the customer agrees to employ and process his personal details by the delivery company.

VI Returns of the ordered items

  1. The return of the ordered product from the www.e-excellent.eu shop is possible without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of receiving the package on the basis of a written declaration. The item should be send with the original sales receipt and the return form which is available on or website. 
  2. The return is possible when the product is in the original condition, without any marks of usage, is complete and is not destroyed in any way. Please confirm the return by sending an email to excellentwebshop@gmail.com.
  3. Custom-made and personalized items from our shop cannot be returned.
  4. Our shop guarantees that whole refund (including the re-shipping costs) will be issued to the bank account, which was entered during signing in, within 7 business days from the date of receiving the package.

VII Exchange of the ordered items

  1. Custom-made and personalized items from our shop cannot be exchanged.

VII Product warranties and complaints

  1. All products which are available in our store are under warranty for 12 months. 
  2. The warranty will not involve all kinds of accidental and intentional mechanical damages (splits, crosscuts, discoloration etc.) damages caused by careless or wrong exploitation. Patent defects visible while receiving the delivery which weren't notified immediately won't also be credited. Guarantee does not apply to decorative elements such as zippers, slide fasteners, buckles, turnlock clasps, pitons, chains and all others leatherwork fittings. 
  3. Proofs of purchase (till receipt or invoice) are required when reporting faults.
  4. Every item which is the reason of complaint should have attached the complaint document or complaint declaration with the description of the cause of reclamation and the conditions and time when the faults happen. Name, surname, address, the order number and the claim declaration (exchange for different item, repair, refund) should be given. 
  5. The complaint will be examined within 14 days after receiving the package and a customer will be notified about the result of the complaint procedure in a way indicated in the complaint declaration. 
  6. If the complaint is justifiable the costs of the shipment are covered by the shop according to the price schedule of the universal service. 
  7. In case when the subject of complaint was sent via other conveyor, the shop will not covered its costs but the cost will be covered according to the price schedule of the universal service. 
  8. If the complaint is unjustified the costs of the shipment are covered by the customer. 
  9. Our shop will not accept any cash on delivery packages.

IX Shipping

  1. The costs of shopping are covered by the customer. 
  2. The products will be delivered via Post FranceColissimo company. 
  3. www.e-excellent.eu shop delivers within France and European Union. 
  4. Our shop allows shipping of our products outside the EU. For the exact costs please contact us via e-mail: : shop@e-excellent.eu
  5. For custom made products the maximum lead time within France is 21 business days since the payment has been validated. For the products which are ready to be bought the lead time is specified on the website. They will be shipped after the payment validates as well. 
  6. Packages are delivered only on business days. 
  7. If the package while reclaiming is in a damage condition, bear traits of damage or interference into its content, it should not be collected and in the presence of the courier a protocol of damages should be compiled. Afterwards, the problem should be report to the customer service of our shop : shop@e-excellent.eu
  8. www.e-excellent.eu is not responsible for the delays which are a consequence of a` mistake of the customer ( wrong delivery address).

X Payments

  1. Customers which are shopping on www.e-excellent.eu agree on issuing the sales document without the signature. 
  2. Typically an invoice is issued, which is the proof of purchase. 
  3. The customer is obliged to check if the invoice is attached to the package at the time of the reclaiming. 
  4. The customer can choose from the following payment methods:
  • direct bank transfer - to our bank account which number will be in the acknowledgement email which will be sent after placing the order.
  • via PayPal
  • via HiPay

The customer is obliged to pay within 7 days after placing an order. In case of default, the order will be deleted without informing the customer.